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What Our Clients Say
  • Three months after attending a Negotiate Smart™ workshop:

    “I opened with an aggressive BAM in my last sourcing. When I shared this number with each supplier, all of them told me there was no way they could get there. After 7 rounds of negotiation, I sourced above my BAM by 1.5%. This was worth $3.7M in piece price when comparing the most competitive 1st round quote to where I finished.”

    Purchasing - Automotive Industry Auburn Hills, MI - November 2017 February 20, 2018

  • “Excellent training and excellent trainer.”

    Jan Zhang, Chassis Brakes International
  • “After Ruth’s coaching session, I was no longer nervous about negotiating.   She showed me a logical, easy to follow system. I also saw that negotiating is a lot more creative then I thought.”

    Ezra Wanetik
  • “I have learned new negotiation techniques that will definitely bring more success to negotiation outcomes!”

    Luis Sanchis
  • “I truly enjoy learning with Ruth, her enthusiasm is infectious and her knowledge of the subject is vast.”

    Brett Antenucci, Purchasing Buyer
  • “The Negotiate Smart training has been a great eye opener for me and my team. Now my team is much better prepared to negotiate and they have a great base to keep on growing in their careers.”

    Carlos Alvarez Ferrando
  • “They figured out how to make the course fun, and informative. The days flew by. The debrief of the role-plays were the highlight for me. I really saw clearly what it looks like to be a better negotiator. Thank you.”

    John, IT developer
  • “I was surprised by how much I learned from this course. I consider myself a seasoned negotiator. The instructor confirmed what I knew, and also showed me new ways to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’. She also gave me insight into what I was doing wrong. It was a practical workshop.”

    Steve, General Manager
  • “I feel this is one of the best workshops my company has had. It was relevant to my job and it will be very helpful in how I deal with both internal and external issues in the future.”

    Magda, District Sales Manager
  • “Your negotiation training session was phenomenal. We are continuing to develop the negotiation skills you taught. We meet regularly to debrief as you suggested and continue to set negotiation goals.”

    Jeff, VP of Sales
  • “The instructor spent a lot of time understanding our company and customized her approach and training to our needs. Her attention to detail was much appreciated.”

    Susan, Procurement Office
  • “Ruth’s workshop had a tremendous impact on my next sale. I used many of the strategies she taught, and was able to turn a 250K sale into a 750K sale.”

    Kent, Business Development Manger
Our Advantage

We are a world leading negotiations training company with unique advantages that offer great value:


Video of negotiations in the advanced class with specific feedback + a follow up video series of key negotiation strategies for review.


ROI surveys to quantify the post-training value and ensure the training strategies are being implemented.


A yearly follow-up webinar to review the key negotiation strategies + post-session telephone consulting for all participants for 6 months after the workshop.


A dedicated consultant for each client to ensure we align our negotiation training with the specific internal processes, challenges and systems of our client’s culture.

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