Combining Experience
and Research

At Castle, we have been training Fortune 500 companies to be better negotiators for more than 20 years in over 20 countries. Our consultants are seasoned, professional negotiators who use their experience and success to teach participants the most effective strategies for every phase of the negotiation process. As a boutique firm, we focus on one skill: negotiating. We combine cutting-edge negotiation research with our broad experience, providing you with exactly what you need to stay ahead of the game.


Our workbook is designed to be useful and user-friendly. Our participants benefit from innovative and practical tools for effective preparation. These include our unique planning guides, which are guaranteed to improve future negotiated outcomes.


At Castle we focus on the most practical and effective negotiation strategies to meet our clients’ specific challenges. We research the unique negotiation scenarios our participants face, as well as identify their most common obstacles to greater negotiation success. We customize our workshops to fit the needs of each individual audience.


Castle offers all of our clients continued training and individual consulting for up to a year following a workshop. Participants are also invited to attend regular webinars, which include a review of key strategies as well as Q&A sessions to help tackle current negotiation challenges.


Our workshops are fast paced and entertaining, integrating innovative educational tools to teach the most effective and powerful negotiation strategies, to get the big win. We use Negotiation exercises and role-playing, film clips, group challenges and facilitated discussions keep tour workshops exciting and interactive.

Track Your

Following the workshop we evaluate the impact our training has made on your business’s profitability.