Senior Executive Negotiation Coaching

One-on-one coaching is the most focused, high-level training Castle Negotiations Consulting Group offers.
It is ideal for extremely busy senior executives who are already successful negotiators.

What Can Castle Offer Executives Who Are Successful Negotiators?

  • Learn to identify and overcome blind spots that plague even the most successful executives.

  • Receive a vital negotiation tune-up to guarantee consistent implementation of Negotiate Smart strategies.

  • Brainstorm with negotiation consultants with over 20 years of global experience.

  • Integrate the latest, most effective negotiation techniques into your negotiating strategy.

  • Ensure the participant’s negotiation emotional intelligence is aligned with his/her senior position.

  • Record a mock negotiation, and review it with your negotiation coach. (Optional)

Negotiation coaching is especially crucial when executives are facing a specific high-stakes negotiation challenge.

What Are The Logistics Of Executive Coaching?

  • Executive Negotiation Coaching is tailored to meet the specific goals of the executive.

  • Coaching may be done in person or via video conferencing.

  • One-on-one coaching sessions commence upon completion of a preliminary negotiation inventory that assesses the executive’s strengths and challenges.


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