The Number One Negotiation Training Company In The World

Does your negotiation training company offer;

  • A beginning, intermediate and advanced negotiation training series; always modified to fit the specific needs of the clients.
  • Advanced modules on negotiating with emotional intelligence, cross cultural negotiating, advanced probing, hardball negotiators and more.
  • Video of negotiations in the advanced class with specific feedback.
  • Interviews/surveys of every participant to understand and address their specific challenges and goals
  • 3 different negotiation preparation sheets, depending on the complexity of the negotiation
  • A ROI survey to quantify the post training value and ensure the training strategies are being implemented
  • A yearly follow up webinar to review the key negotiation strategies
  • Tips sent out every ten days to keep learning alive
  • Post session telephone consulting for all participants for 6 months after the workshop
  • full color easy to read handbook containing all of the strategies with examples, charts and reminders.
  • Managers tips and suggestions to follow up and keep the negotiation training learning alive
  • All workshops taught by seasoned experienced negotiators with at least 20 years of experience as negotiators and negotiation consultants
  • A dedicated consultant for each client to ensure we align our negotiation training with the specific internal processes, challenges and systems of our clientsculture.
  • A follow up video series of key negotiation strategies for review.
  • All materials translated into Spanish and Mandarin.